"Wall Street Most Wanted" Playing Cards

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The Wall Street Most Wanted Deck playing cards are humorous and use original art to depict and provide commentary on each individual included in the deck!! 

Wall Street Most Wanted Included:

Eliot Spitzer
Ken Lay
Gaston Bastiaens
John Chambers
Steve Case
Richard Brown
Billy Tauzin
Dave Duncan
John Rigas
William Harrison
Andrew Fastow
Jill Barad
Jeff Skilling
Sandy Weill
Eloitte & Touche
Abby Joseph
Jack Welch
Steven Hilbert
Jean-Marie Messier
Robert Rubin
Joe Berardino
Al Dunlop
David Komansky
Henry Blodgett
Maria Bartaromo
Jack Grubman
Scott Sullivan
Mary Meeker
Frank Quattrone
Phil Purcell
Joe Nacchio
Gary Winnick
Reed Hundr
Jim Esrey
Michael Eisner
Rick Ellenberger
Richard Kogan
Bernie Ebbers
Sam Waskal
Martha Stewart
Richard Scrushy
Stanley O'Neal
Mark Schwartz
Don Carty
Harvey Pitt
Charles Conaway
Jeff Barbakow
Peter Dolan
Ed Breen
Ernst & Young
Jokers Dennis Kozlowski and Alan Greenspan

Hero Dick Grasso

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